Resident Evil Village DLC: Rumors, possible settings, characters

Resident Evil Village DLC: Rumors, possible settings, characters

Published: 3/Jun/2022 4:00 Updated: 3/Jun/2022 4:04

by Sam Smith


After the success of Resident Evil Village, DLC seems inevitable, but what will this entail? Let’s examine what we know about our next visit to the Lycan-infested hamlet.

Resident Evil Village, the eighth main chapter in the Resident Evil series, ended by wrapping up many plot points (some of which had existed since RE1). However like any good sequel, it created a whole load of new questions, and fans will eagerly want answers.

The good news is Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil Village DLC is indeed coming during their E3 2021 presentation, although they’ve not said when or what it will look like. Let’s examine every morsel of information to predict when Resident Evil Village DLC is likely to come out and what it ends up looking like.


This article will contain story and ending spoilers for Resident Evil Village, so if you’ve not finished the main campaign, come back when you have.


Resident Evil Village Lycans
Who’s ready to return to the Village?

When will Resident Evil Village DLC release?

Resident Evil 7’s two major DLC packs were released roughly one year after the main game. Therefore, expect we’ll see Resident Evil Village DLC release in Spring 2022. World events in 2020 and 2021 may have slowed production somewhat, so it’s worth bearing this in mind. However, we may get our first glimpse of RE Village DLC in early 2022.

Of course, this is purely speculation, but as reported by Famitsu, and translated by Siliconera, Capcom went out of their way to remind us all that Resident Evil Village DLC is still coming at the turn of the New Year. Therefore we suspect an announcement is imminent, followed by a Spring release. Perhaps around April or May? The base game released on May 7, 2021, so DLC a whole year late makes a lot of sense.


The game has won a lot of Game of the Year awards for 2021, so Capcom will want to announce the DLC while this is fresh in people’s minds.

Bela attacks Ethan in Resident Evil Village

What will Resident Evil Village DLC look like?

There are several possibilities when considering what Resident Evil Village DLC will look like. Most of this has to do with time period and setting. Any story DLC is likely to be set elsewhere as the Village was destroyed during the game’s ending. However, the Village itself was the star of the game in many ways, so DLC could also serve as a prequel to the events of RE Village or occur concurrently.


Resident Evil 7 had two major story DLCs. The first was a direct continuation of the game’s events, while the second was set sometime later. In the Not a Hero DLC, Chris Redfield rescued Ethan and Mia then went after villain Lucas Baker.

Although not technically DLC, a VR port of Resident Evil Village was confirmed during PlayStation State of Play 2022. Gameplay footage was released in a trailer and it looks absolutely horrifying.

There’s a solid chance that any DLC released will also have to be made VR-ready, we’ll be keeping our eye out for any announcements linking the two.


Potential RE Village DLC story characters

Resident Evil Village could do something similar. There’s a range of characters that future story-based DLC chapters could follow:

Chris Redfield

Chris is last seen escaping the exploding Village with his team, along with Mia and Rose Winters. He’s also visibly mourning Ethan and regretting his part in the events that unfolded. What’s worse, his former employer, the BSAA, used bioweapons in the fight against Mother Miranda and her minions. Chris is not too pleased about this.

A DLC chapter could continue Chris’s adventure, seeing him confront the BSAA in Europe and get to the bottom of what’s happened to the organization he helped build to combat bioterror. This could also tie up some loose ends from Resident Evil 6, 7, and Village and even set the scene for RE9.


Rose Winters

Adult Rose Winters Resident Evil Village
Village has a post-credit scene that possibly takes place many years after the events of the game.

After the credits of Resident Evil Village roll, there’s a time jump to a now grown-up Rose Winters visiting her father’s grave. Although we don’t get any actual confirmation that Ethan’s body was ever recovered from the crater that was once the Village.

After paying her respects, Rose then gets into a truck and threatens her handler when he makes an insensitive joke about her history and connection to the virus. It becomes clear Rose is considered a bioweapon and is under SWAT team (and sniper) surveillance. She tells the agent that she can do things not even Chris Redfield knows about, implying her powers are more potent than they realize.

They then drive off and appear to stop when approached by a figure resembling Ethan in the distance. This could be setting up Resident Evil 9 or a possible story DLC. However, as this seems to be set years after Chris confronts the BSAA, our guess is this is alluding to a sequel rather than future RE Village content. This is unless Rose has aged rapidly as Evaline did. After all, Rose gets her powers from Evaline’s mold, and in many ways, is a copy of her.

Mia Winters

Players took control of Mia for a portion of Resident Evil 7. The character is trapped in a cell for most of RE Village, but the developers could build a DLC chapter around her. We know from RE7 that Mia is formidable in combat and has military training. If she escaped her cell, she could have caused all sorts of trouble for Mother Miranda.

This is just one possibility for story content that would allow the developers to reuse assets from the game and continue to set it in the Village. It could also offer some tantalizing lore drops and insight into the game’s main villain. This is especially true if Miranda stalks and taunts an escaped Mia before recapturing her. Both women want the same thing in many ways, to get their daughter back.

The Hound Wolf Squad

If Capcom decides to take an action-heavy approach, then we could get to play as Chris’s team. The Hound Wolf Squad weren’t in the game for very long, but there’s certainly scope to flesh the characters out some more. Each member made quite an impression and the banter between them was entertaining. This would also allow the developers to set the DLC back in the Village.

Both Resident Evil 5 and 7 had a horror-themed DLC and a more action-packed one, so Village could do the same thing. If one was Mia and the other Chris, this could work as lost Resi 8 chapters, set within the titular Village.


The BSAA turns up towards the end of Resident Evil Village and starts shooting Miranda’s minions. But why are they there? And why are Chris and his team displeased by their arrival and keen to avoid them? Especially if their former colleagues are there to help? A DLC chapter could help explain these things in more detail.

The BSAA’s role in earlier games was to fight bioterror and Chris was a leading member. What’s happened since RE7 to make him sour on them? Could the BSAA have very different, potentially murderous, thoughts on how to deal with the Winters family? We also don’t know if Chris’s former STARS allies still work for the BSAA. If so, then characters like Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, or Rebecca Chambers could return in a BSAA-themed DLC chapter.

Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village lady Dimitrescu
Lady Dimitrescu was the breakout star of RE Village

Lady D was the breakout star of Resident Evil Village. Capcom was surprised by her popularity during the early trailers. After this, they then focused a lot of their marketing around her. Some fans were disappointed that Lady D was killed off so early into the game’s story, but this is Resident Evil, and most villains end up as blobby monsters before being dispatched by the heroes.

Despite the obvious reason for the internet’s infatuation with her, being stalked around her castle by her was some of RE Village’s most memorable gameplay. It wouldn’t be a surprise then if Capcom brought her back for the DLC. This would be a good way to capitalize on the character’s popularity and give fans more Lady D to pine over.

Ada Wong, Elena, and others

Some of the early Resident Evil concept art saw series regular Ada Wong dressed up as a plague doctor, suggesting she was originally going to be in the game. DLC could focus on this, reusing these assets and giving Ada a mission during the game’s events. Resident Evil 2, 4, and 6 all saw Ada doing her own thing in the background, although she did interact with the protagonists at times in these games.

Another DLC idea is the origins of the mold outbreak in the Village. Elena seems an obvious candidate for this. The DLC could see Elena going about her everyday village life as Lycans and zombies start to appear and kill her neighbors. If Capcom decides to do an action-heavy DLC, this one could be more survival horror-focused.

Resident Evil Village giant mini boss
The Resident Evil Village DLC may take a more action-heavy approach like it did in 7.

Capcom confirm RE DLC will be free

Capcom have confirmed that Resident Evil Village will receive free DLC when discussing the company’s plans for the future. Capcom’s executive officer, Yoichi Egawa, said in a report:

“We will drive our customer management to understand the playing trends and preferences of users while also building a business model for online operations. Taking into account the situation of our free additional DLC for titles such as Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village.”

This will be welcome news to Resident Evil Village fans. Those who played Resident Evil 7 will remember that game’s first major DLC pack ‘Not a hero’ was also free. It featured Chris Redfield’s final confrontation with Lucas Baker and took a much more action-heavy approach than Ethan’s adventure.

RE7’s second DLC ‘End of Zoe’ however did come at a modest fee, so it remains to be seen if any future RE Village DLC, after the free one, will eventually come at a premium. However, fans eager for more RE Village can look forward to not having to splash any cash, next time they enter the dreaded Village.