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Call of Duty League 2022 power rankings before Major 3

Published: 1/Jun/2022 16:50

by Jacob Hale


The bracket for Major 3 has been finalized, with qualifier matches for the tournament proving to be some of the most intense and tightly contested yet. Here’s how our CDL power rankings look ahead of the big event.

Major 3 has seen a turn in the tides for many teams. Minnesota RØKKR went undefeated, Atlanta FaZe lost two of their five matches, and Boston Breach won just one match.

The standings are starting to shift, and Major 3 could be huge when it comes to Champs seeding.

So which teams are struggling, and who’s finding form at the perfect time? Here are our updated CDL power rankings.


CDL power rankings

12. Paris Legion (-)

Paris Legion CDL LAN
Call of Duty League
Paris Legion may have clocked some map wins, but they’re still floundering.

No surprises here, as Paris Legion — 0-5 in Major 3 qualifiers — are stuck hard at the bottom of our power rankings.

While Temp is having a career season statistically, he’s been unable to pull his teammates up to the same level and despite glimmers of hope in different series, they’ve managed just two wins from 18 matches this season.

11. London Royal Ravens (-)

afro london royal ravens cdl
London Royal Ravens
London started strong but have struggled since Major 2.

London’s decline has been sharp and harsh. At the start of the season they were a top team, not quite level with Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Texas, but not far off of them, either.

They started to stray further from the top until this point where, with Gismo departing and amateur player Harry stepping up, they’ve failed to really get the ball rolling or find form again.


10. LA Guerrillas (-)

la guerrillas cdl 2022 roster
LA Guerrillas
LA Guerrillas absolutely flew at Major 2 — but haven’t looked the same since.

Major 2 feels a lifetime ago at this point, but very few will be feeling that quite as much as the LA Guerrillas.

Gunless is back but it’s done little for the team, who have returned to the bottom tier of our rankings once again and don’t look likely to move up any time soon.

9. Boston Breach (-3)

boston breach cdl roster laughing
Twitter: Boston Breach
Boston Breach have fallen off since their peak.

Boston really seemed to be finding their footing throughout the Major 2 cycle and expectations were high headed into Major 3 qualifiers.

They’ve failed to reach those expectations, though, and have consistently fallen below the level they should be reaching. They could beat most teams on their day, but ‘their day’ is simply not often enough if they want to be challenging for championships.


8. LA Thieves (-)

la thieves 2022 cdl roster
LA Thieves
LA Thieves have had some shining moments, but it’s not working out.

Few teams have been as disappointing this season as LA Thieves. The names on this roster demand excellence, but have failed to achieve it once again throughout Major 3.

Whether that changes when they get to LAN remains to be seen, but for now, there’s a lot of change needed in the LA Thieves camp to get back to where they believe they should belong.

7. Florida Mutineers (+2)

Skyz Florida Mutineers CDL
Instagram: flmutineers
Skyz and the Mutineers have failed to live up to their potential.

Up and down like a yoyo, Florida Mutineers have been one of the hardest teams to pin down for almost three years of the CDL now.

Right now, though, they’re slightly better than they were last week, having beat Boston Breach and LA Thieves to earn their spot in the Winner’s Bracket.


6. Seattle Surge (+1)

Seattle Surge announce new-look CDL lineup for 2022 season
Seattle Surge
Seattle Surge might be on the up again.

Seattle started the season as one of the best teams in the game, but took a bit of a nosedive in recent months.

Major 3 showed a positive turn for the team, and in Week 3, they won 3-0 against London Royal Ravens and 3-1 against Florida Mutineers. The talent is definitely there to be a top side, and now they’ve got the Major to prove it.

5. Toronto Ultra (-1)

Bance and Cammy Toronto Ultra CDL players
Call of Duty League
Toronto are on their way back to the top.

Toronto Ultra had a great Major 3 and Week 3 went well for them, winning 3-1 against London Royal Ravens.

They move down through no fault of their own, rather a very strong week from the Subliners, but make no mistake: they’ve seriously picked things up since Major 1 and are hitting form when it matters the most.


4. New York Subliners (+1)

New York Subliners at the CDL Pro-Am Classic
New York Subliners
New York Subliners won the Pro-Am, and are still one of the best in the league.

In their first meeting of the season, the New York Subliners did the impossible and beat OpTic Texas.

This was OpTic’s fifth loss of the season, and their first regular-season loss since Major 1, Week 1. Their league record is astounding, and this win represents just how far the Subliners have come — but the real challenge now is getting to Champs.

3. Atlanta FaZe (-1)

Atlanta FaZe simp
Call of Duty League
Atlanta FaZe are still a fearsome side in the CDL.

Atlanta FaZe drop out of the top two after a long battle with OpTic for the top spot, having gone 3-2 in Major 3 with a Week 3 loss to Minnesota.

This also marked the first time in franchise history that Atlanta failed to win a single map and were swept by their opponents, a record that can only be respected.

2. Minnesota RØKKR (+1)

Havok Florida Mutineers player CDL
Call of Duty League
Havok has completely revitalized RØKKR so far.

Minnesota’s turnaround in Major 3 has been so drastic, that you’d almost believe it was scripted.

They brought Havok into the fold after top performances in Challengers and have completely turned their season around. At one point, many thought they were almost as bad as Paris — and in just the three weeks since, they’ve proven that couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, they’re looking increasingly likely for a Major 3 grand final appearance.

1. OpTic Texas (-)

OpTic Texas on stage at CDL Major 1
David Doran/ESPAT
OpTic Texas are undeniably the best team in the game.

OpTic Texas have held onto the top spot for some time now and, despite their Week 3 loss to New York Subliners, won’t be moved down yet.

They’re still considered the team to beat almost unanimously, and they’ll be heavy favorites to win it all in Toronto this weekend. With Prolute putting in some insane performances, too, we may not have seen the best of OpTic yet.

Be sure to check out the CDL 2022 standings and schedule as the season progresses to see how your team is doing.

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