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Pokemon Go players shocked by how fast Niantic nerfed weekly 1 coin boxes

Published: 30/May/2022 16:11

by Zackerie Fairfax


The second weekly 1 coin box without Remote Raid Passes has left Pokemon Go players stunned as Niantic has nerfed the box’s value faster than anticipated.

On May 21, Niantic announced they would be removing Remote Raid Passes from the weekly 1 coin event box. This news came after a series of unpopular nerfs and changes sending players into an outrage.

However, when the first passless 1 coin box was released on May 23, players weren’t sure how to feel. Some were ecstatic as the box contained three Super Incubators which far outvalued one Remote Raid Pass.

But there was a large number of people who didn’t think Niantic would continue releasing boxes of this value. They were right, but hardly anyone thought the boxes would lose their value too quickly.


Niantic nerfs weekly 1 coin boxes

On the morning of May 30, the second weekly box without a Remote Raid Pass would be released. Players, still hopeful from the week prior, would open the box only to be met with disappointment.

Reddit user GogoSchmitt would post a screenshot of the box to the Pokemon Go subreddit with the caption “Niantic, this is bullsh*t!” And they weren’t the only trainer to be caught off guard by the box’s value.

An overwhelming number of comments were nearly identical in expressing how surprised they were to see the box deteriorate in value in just one week. It was assumed the box would lose its value eventually, but various users expected Niantic to keep the value of the box high for at least three weeks.


“Do y’all remember how hopeful we were last week with the 3 free incubators?” one user comments, while another stated, “This feels like stuff people will just throw away. I’m not sure it’s worth a coin.”

Niantic, this is bullshit! from pokemongo

That being said, May 30 is also supposed to be the community-organized Pokemon Go boycott. Players who aren’t happy with the current state of Pokemon Go are avoiding playing the game for 24 hours.

It will be interesting to see if the boycott will be as effective as the one held in 2021. We will continue to keep our readers updated if and when Niantic responds.