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Everything we know about The Callisto Protocol: Release date, Trailers, platforms, more

Published: 3/Jun/2022 6:00 Updated: 3/Jun/2022 7:19

by Brad Norton


The Callisto Protocol is an upcoming survival horror game that looks to be a return to form for Glen Schofield, co-creator of the iconic Dead Space franchise. From a release date to the first gameplay details, here’s everything we know thus far.

The very first project from Striking Distance Studios was revealed as The Callisto Protocol in 2020. Bringing his horror expertise to a new franchise, Schofield began leading a new team of developers in crafting a terrifying horror experience.

While the upcoming release was previously tied into the popular Battle Royale mythos of PUBG, that’s no longer the case. Instead, the project stands alone as its own story in its own world, Schofield has since announced.


Although it’s still early days and we’ve only just seen proper footage of the game in action, here’s a full breakdown of everything we know about The Callisto Protocol.


The Callisto Protocol gameplay
The Callisto Protocol is certainly not one for the faint of heart.

The Callisto Protocol release date

The Callisto Protocol is officially set to launch on Friday, December 2, 2022. After months of speculation, this news was revealed during the June State of Play event.

Despite relative silence since its reveal in 2020, recent comments in May’s Game Informer issue reaffirmed that this calendar year was still the goal and now, barring any unforeseen delays, that appears to be the case.

The Callisto Protocol platforms

Since its reveal, we’ve known that The Callisto Protocol has been built from the ground up for the latest hardware. Thus, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, and PC are all locked in for launch.


Though in 2022 it was also confirmed that the project will still be released on earlier systems too, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Callisto Protocol trailers

Our very first look at The Callisto Protocol came during the 2020 Game Awards show. Though this trailer provided just a glimpse into the terrifying journey ahead, without revealing any key gameplay snippets just yet.

Gameplay then arrived in an epi two-minute trailer during Sony’s June 2022 State of Play broadcast. This provided our first true look at the game in action on new-gen hardware.

The Callisto Protocol storyline

While much of The Callisto Protocol’s narrative is being kept under wraps, for obvious reasons, we do know a few key details already. For starters, the game takes place in 2320 on Callisto, Jupiter’s “dead moon,” Schofield has revealed.


Players assume the role of protagonist Jacob Lee, an inmate at a prison on the moon. It’s a fight for survival as a mysterious outbreak spreads, morphing guards and fellow inmates alike into haunting ‘Biophage’ creatures.

The Callisto Protocol gameplay details

Now having seen The Callisto Protocol in action, we know a great deal about the core gameplay cycle. Akin to Dead Space, the game is played from a third-person perspective as players wield a number of both melee and ranged weapons to fend off terrifying Biophage foes.

Also similar to Isaac in the classic EA series, The Callisto Protocol’s protagonist can use various abilities through a gravity weapon known as the GRP. From freezing enemies to launching them away, this tool seems to provide a range of options. 


As for the project’s ambitions, Schofield has gone on record saying he wants to create “the scariest game on next-gen platforms.” Expect plenty of jump scares, an intense atmosphere, and as always, some truly unsettling enemy designs.