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TikToker exposes “scam” hospital bill by just asking for receipts

Published: 2/Jun/2022 18:28

by Dylan Horetski


A TikToker by the name of ‘oh_thats_just_trey’ has called out “scam” hospital bills after he asked for an itemized receipt – and viewers have taken to the comments with similar stories. 

If there’s one thing Americans should be able to agree on when it comes to visiting the hospital, it’s that they’re really expensive.

Without insurance in the US, visitors can receive bills totaling tens of thousands of dollars for more complicated visits.

TikToker ‘oh_thats_just_trey’ has gone viral after uploading a video calling out “scam” hospital bills after he asked for an itemized receipt, which led to a decrease of over $3,000.


TikTok user calls out “scam” hospital bills

Uploaded back in April 2022, Tre’jon ‘oh_thats_just_trey’ Wilson’s video said: “Tell me why my hospital bill went from $4,000 to $950 all because I asked them for a receipt and a list of everything I was being charged for, SMFH. They lowered my bill by 76%. Is it me or our health care system is a scam?”

At the time of writing, the TikTok video has been viewed almost four million times, with users flooding the comments with their own experiences.

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Just days later, Adam Conover, who gained popularity for his show “Adam Ruins Everything,” stitched the video to explain why hospitals have the high rates that they do.


“The numbers on every doctor and hospital bill are straight-up fake and made up. If you have insurance, your hospital has to negotiate with your insurance company on the cost of services so they set these super high, ridiculous numbers as a starting point for that negotiation,” Adam explained.

He then went on to add that the “messed up” part of this process, is that patients receive the same extremely high bill if they do not have insurance, allowing the patient to ask for receipts and receive a lower bill.

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Both videos have received millions of views, and users are dying to attempt the ‘hack’ the next time they go to the hospital.


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