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Warzone players demand STG nerf after incredible pick rates

Published: 27/May/2022 16:36

by Michael Gwilliam


Call of Duty Warzone players are calling for nerfs to the STG44 after seeing its pick rates throughout the month of May.

Warzone has been getting quite a lot of balance patches since its release and with them, new meta loadouts begin to take shape with certain guns falling out of favor as their damage or other attributes are adjusted.

For instance, the AMAX has fallen out of favor hard after receiving some major nerfs in the Season 3 Season Reloaded Update with its maximum and minimum damage being decreased, much to the confusion of the playerbase.

On the other hand, STG44, has become a staple for many Warzone players with a huge pick rate, and Warzone enthusiasts are calling for it to be nerfed soon.


Raven be like "Mmmh, that Amax is looking too strong, it has a 0.68% pickrate". Meanwhile, the STG… from CODWarzone

Warzone players call for STG44 nerfs

In a post on the official Warzone Reddit, user aur0n posted a graph showing weapon pick rates. The STG dominates the chart, with nearly double the rate of the second most-picked gun, the MP-40.

“Raven be like ‘Mmmh, that AMAX is looking too strong, it has a 0.68% pickrate.’ Meanwhile, the STG…” the user mocked, referencing the aforementioned AMAX nerfs.

Some users took the chart quite seriously with one even claiming they would never spent “another cent” on Warzone following the balancing debacle. Others voiced their suspicions on why the STG hasn’t been adjusted just yet.

STG 44 Warzone loadout
The STG44 is no slouch if you’d rather drop in with a more tactical AR.

“My personal theory is that the graph above is irrelevant to Raven,” one wrote, explaining how their friend loves the AMAX and learned to play by watching streamers. “Its pick rate doesn’t matter. It’s to force the hand of influencers to play Vanguard weapons, thus forcing the sheep like my friend who copy their every attachment, to buy Vanguard to keep up.”


In any case, we’ll have to see if Activision ends up listening to the community and makes some adjustments to the weapon in the future. Until then, take advantage of the STG’s power with this loadout.