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Warzone players call for major buff to fix “useless” shotguns in Season 3

Published: 30/May/2022 14:42

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players are calling on Raven Software to buff some shotguns as they believe the recent changes have made them all “useless” and even “irrelevant” in the meta. 

In the two years that Warzone has been around, pretty much every type of weapon has had its moment in the spotlight. Some have, naturally, lasted longer than others with Assault Rifles and SMGs still ruling the day on Caldera and Rebirth Island.

At a few points in time, Shotguns were the go-to weapons of choice for players, seeing as you could blow enemies away with one close-range shell – especially if you utilized Dragon’s Breath.


As a result, Raven Software have hit shotguns as a whole with plenty of nerfs to bring them down a few pegs. However, players believe the devs have gone too far and made the weapon type “useless” in the battle royale.

Shotguns have always lived a charmed life in Warzone.

Following the Season 3 Reloaded changes, players across social media have urged the devs to give the shotguns some love rather than bringing them down further.

One player, Redditor V_I_N_E_S, was left annoyed when they were unable to eliminate an enemy with a Shotgun blast despite the fact they were stood right on top of them. “A pump shotgun point-blank to the face should still one shot,” they said, with many players agreeing and airing their frustrations.


“Shotguns should be way more powerful at very short range,” said one. “I don’t know what they were thinking when they decided on the amount of damage guns do in this game,” added another. “Any gun that close should one shot to the head,” said another, taking the focus away from just shotguns.

Opinion: A pump shotgun point blank to the face should still one shot. from CODWarzone

Some players went further than that, suggesting that shotguns may have to be removed if they’re not buffed. “Why even keep shotguns in the game at this point?” asked Iosiro. All the pump-action ones except two in the whole game’s lifecycle have been useless. That whole class of weapons is irrelevant.”


At the end of the day, changes cn only be made by Raven, and while they’ve listened to fan feedback previously, who knows if they will do so this time around.