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Streamer accused of hacking after helping kid get first Warzone win

Published: 31/May/2022 22:32

by Michael Gwilliam


YouTube streamer ‘Samito’ thought he was doing a nice thing by helping a young gamer get their first-ever win in Warzone, but doing so earned him the wrath of other players who accused him of hacking.

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the top battle royale games available, but it’s also nefarious for having many cheaters and hackers ruin matches.

Despite the introduction of Ricochet anti-cheat, hackers have still managed to infiltrate the battle royale, and as such, even top level players have had to deal with accusations of cheating.

That’s exactly what happened when Overwatch streamer Samito dropped into CoD Warzone and tried to help a new gamer get his first win.


Call of Duty: Warzone character aiming with shotgun
Hackers have been a big problem in Warzone.

Warzone player accused of hacking after helping kid

On May 31, Samito uploaded a video showing off the final moments of a Warzone match where he, alongside a young teammate, had just one remaining foe standing in their way.

After tagging the chopper-flying enemy and shooting them down, the target had no choice but to glide away, urging Samito to call on the kid to secure the last frag.

“Come on kid, you can do it, buddy!” Sam cheered. “We gotta get this little man the last kill.”

Despite the boy not nabbing the final elimination, the victory was earned. Sadly, the happy moment quickly turned sour as others in the lobby took issue with the gameplay.


“Nice aimbot, dude,” one accused, leading Samito to defend himself by explaining how he was streaming. “You’re literally cheating, we just watched you.”

For his part, the YouTuber was unfazed by the accusations and laughed them off, but felt like the ordeal was worth documenting on social media for the world to see.

“We had 14 and we were sure to get the lil man at least 1, love moments like these. These kids gotta start somewhere!” he happily captioned the clip, leading some to even say that Sam would make a good dad.

With Warzone 2 in development, hopefully Activision can also find a way to solve the hacker dilemma so sweet instances such as this don’t get bogged down by hackusations.