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Warzone players baffled by confusing Store ‘sold out’ bug

Published: 1/Jun/2022 22:04

by Ryan Lemay


Warzone has its fair share of glitches and bugs in-game — but a bug in the Store is something you don’t see every day. 

Bundles and Blueprints are extremely popular in Warzone, especially new ones such as the MechaGodzilla Tracer Pack and the Kong Trace Pack.

Buying bundles or blueprints is an easy way for players to instantly unlock a new gun, or show off a cool Operator Skin or Weapon Skin.

However, a Reddit user recently came across a bug in the Store that could either be a sly marketing ploy by the developer team or a simple mistake.


Warzone Store Bundles Skin
Operator Skins are extremely popular in Warzone.

Warzone Player finds an odd bug in the Store

One Reddit user put on their conspiracy cap and claimed “They are just trying to introduce FOMO… I hope they fail.”

“FOMO” stands for fear of missing out and the store message could be a marketing plot to drive up the demand for certain Store items before they sell out, but that seems like a stretch.

How is a virtual item sold out? from CODWarzone

As seen in the image above it appears that something under the Operators and Identity Tab is sold out. Bundles and Blueprints are usually only in the store for a limited time, but a limited stock has never been confirmed for any released Store content.


Another person added, “looks like you somehow got around the store’s time parameters for bundles in the shop. Bet it works or is replaced in the store if you restart your game.”

One user hinted at a possibly bleak future for CoD stating, “oh wait until they get limited NFT issued items in CoD, and then you’ll see how that scarcity game works.”

A bug seems to be the more likely of the predictions for what the image means but either way, players will probably much prefer bugs in the store rather than in the actual game.