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WhosImmortal explains how Warzone can fix “broken” weapon meta after health buff

Published: 2/Jun/2022 13:20

by James Busby


The Warzone community has been divided over the Season 3 Reloaded player health increase, which has led to a “broken” weapon meta. However, WhosImmortal has a simple fix that could help fix this issue. 

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded brought with it a huge amount of changes to the game’s weapons, but the biggest and most controversial addition was the increase in player health. Instead of having 100 HP, players now have 150 across all modes, including Private Matches.

This increase may not sound that significant at first, but when Armor plates are factored in, player HP sits at a whopping 300 health. Obviously, this has had a dramatic impact on the game’s current TTK and overall weapon diversity. 


While Warzone’s health change has the community split, WhosImmortal believes he has found the perfect fix that will help improve the “broken” weapon meta. 

WhosImmortal on fixing “broken” Warzone weapon meta

STG44 in Warzone
The STG44 is one of the many Vanguard weapons dominating the meta.

“Warzone TTK is obviously slower for every single weapon in the game, and every single gun requires two to five extra shots to kill now. Because of that coinciding with certain Season meta changes, we now have a very awkward meta,” explained WhosImmortal. 

The streamer notes that the added tankieness has led to certain guns stealing the show, with only a few ARs and Snipers being viable options. “That very open and diverse meta is kind of dwindling,” said the streamer. 


“Vanguard guns are clearly dominating the meta, because of the changes to health.” In fact, weapons from both Cold War and Modern Warfare often struggle to come anywhere close in terms of DPS. 

This has led to an influx of Vanguard ARs, Snipers, and SMGs receiving the highest pick rates in the game. One of the main reasons Vanguard weapons are currently outshining their counterparts is largely down to magazine capacity. 

Timestamp of 4:26

WhosImmortal believes that weapons like the Scar and Oden have great damage, but they ultimately fall off due to their limited ammo – a pitfall that many top-tier Vanguard weapons don’t fall into. 


Having only enough rounds to down one opponent before needing to reload is obviously problematic at the best of times, especially in duos and quads. “You open up the meta so much more, simply by adding 45 rounds to guns like the Oden and Scar.” 

WhosImmortal was keen to address that the TTK on a lot of older weapons is decent, however, the current lack of ammo really lets them down. Whether the developers will make any changes to magazine capacity remains to be seen, but for now, Vanguard weapons dominate the meta.