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FFXIV developer Yoshi-P hints at adding new jobs “that have never appeared before”

Published: 2/Jun/2022 13:40

by Lauren Bergin


As Final Fantasy XIV continues to swell in popularity, FFXIV Producer Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida has hinted that new jobs and races may need to be added in the future to maintain interest.

Final Fantasy XIV is the gift that keeps on giving. Continually expanding, patch 6.1 added the highly anticipated Myths of the Realm Agalia Alliance Raid to the game, as well as set the stage for the next stage of the Scions’ journey post-Endwalker.

With a vast array of jobs (class specializations) on offer already, all eyes to the future in an attempt to work out what new combat disciplines can be added to FFXIV to keep things fresh.


Pondering this in the We Discuss Vana’diel interview series, FFXIV Producer and fan-favorite developer Yoshi-P has revealed that new jobs and races may be on the horizon for FFXIV – but they’ll have to come up with them, first.

final fantasy xiv reaper job
Square Enix
The Reaper and Sage jobs accompanied Endwalker, but it looks like we may see even more added in the future.

Yoshi-P discusses new jobs in FFXIV

With 20 jobs already available, the list of unexplored class specializations grows ever shorter, in turn prompting the devs to consider adding all-new, never seen before jobs into FFXI and FFXIV.

“At this point, I’m thinking we have no choice but to come up with brand new jobs that haven’t appeared in the FF series before,” states Yoshida.

“From a system perspective, if the number of jobs is fixed and well-balanced, there’s no need to add more, and adding new jobs would obviously cause a stir.”


Despite this, he concludes “but nevertheless, we always need to add more jobs to keep providing new gameplay experiences.”

final fantasy xiv online ffxiv endwalker
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With Endwalker bringing the first chapter of the FFXIV saga to a close, we’ll need to see what the future holds.

Whether or not we’ll see FFXI jobs like Puppet Master or Corsair appear in FFXIV remains to be seen, but boy we would love to see it.

As Eorzea continues to evolve into something new, we can’t wait to see what new jobs lurk on the horizon. Until then, though, you’ll find us flexing on the competition as a Red Mage.