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Pokemon Unite confirms leaks with Gen 6 character teaser

Published: 2/Jun/2022 18:58

by Philip Trahan


Pokemon Unite has put out a new teaser image that seems to confirm recent leaks suggesting that the next playable character added to the game will be Delphox.

Pokemon Unite has introduced a plethora of new Pokemon to its roster since launch, now hosting over 30 Pokemon to choose from.

TiMi Studios has no plans of slowing down either, as the official Pokemon Unite Twitter account recently posted a tweet teasing the game’s next character.

It seems this teaser could confirm a well-known leaker’s datamine, who claimed that the next character added to the roster would be Gen 6’s Delphox.


Pokemon Unite teases Delphox inclusion

espeon pokemon unite key art
TiMi Studios
Espeon was the most recent roster addition, serving as a Ranged Attacker.

The leak comes by way of Twitter user @ElChicoEevee, who found assets for both Espeon and Delphox before either official confirmation.

While Espeon was added to Pokemon Unite on May 16, ElChicoEevee leaked assets for the Pokemon on April 27.

Additionally, they claimed that Delphox would follow Espeon not long after as another Ranged Attacker.

Though fans were doubtful of this claim, ElChicoEevee provided leaked assets of Delphox as well, including renders of the Pokemon with an orange background confirming the role.

However, it seems those doubting the claims may have to reevaluate the leaks, as Pokemon Unite’s Twitter seemingly confirms Delphox is up next.


While Delphox is not visible in the teaser image, the swirl of fire confirms the Pokemon’s typing which adds credibility to the previous leak.

Additionally, the center of the teaser image shows what appears to be a stick conjuring the swirling flames around the Pokemon, which is Delphox’s signature means of attack.

Only time will tell if Delphox is truly the next character being added to Pokemon Unite’s roster, but this recent teaser seems to support ElChicoEevee’s leak quite well.