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Swirlix’s dance is just what Pokemon Go players need

Published: 2/Jun/2022 22:04

by Philip Trahan


One Pokemon Go player shared an interesting glitch on Reddit that caused their Swirlix to spin around in circles and trainers online are loving the dancing cotton candy Pokemon.

Pokemon Go players have been in a bit of a rough spot lately with some trainers even organizing walkouts to protest some of the recent changes Niantic has made.

With many feeling like Niantic is slowly killing the game, morale within the community has steadily begun to drop.

However, a recent Reddit post showcasing a funny glitch involving Swirlix has surprisingly brought members of the community together to laugh at the Pokemon’s adorable “dancing.”


Pokemon Go player shows off Swirlix’s dance

Swirlix and Slurpuff were featured Pokemon in 2021’s Luminous Legends X event.

The post in question comes by way of Reddit user DonRDU, who posted a clip to the Pokemon Go subreddit titled, “My buddy is behaving a bit odd…”

The brief 15-second video shows DonRDU viewing Swirlix on the game’s AR camera as the Pokemon’s body slowly rotate’s around.

After just six hours the post received over 1.8K likes, with over 50 comments from amused fans.

“Y’know what? I feel like this totally fits Swirlix’s personality,” said user Laughingbulbasaur.

My buddy is behaving a bit odd…. from pokemongo

Others began claiming this is just Swirlix’s new dance, with user Kyler_Flower writing “It’s doin’ its little dancey dance.”


While certainly an interesting post to bring the community together, Pokemon Go fans seem happy to have something positive to gather around at the moment.

With numerous reports of players frustrated with Niantic support or boycotting the game to protest changes to remote raid passes trainers are starting to feel fed up with Niantic.

Hopefully, Swirlix’s dance inspires others to share fun and amusing glitches that can bring the community together around something positive.