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Scump fans demand Pat McAfee interview after OpTic & Faze shoutout

Published: 24/May/2022 12:58

by Jacob Hale


Seth ‘Scump’ Abner is one of the most celebrated esports pros in the world, as a Call of Duty legend in every sense of the word. Now, fans are demanding he gets an interview on the Pat McAfee Show, after the former NFL star mentioned him, as well as both OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan on the show.

McAfee, the former Indianapolis Colts punter, retired in February 2017, and since then has gone on to become a huge media personality with his Pat McAfee show.

While most of the conversation usually revolves around football, various other topics come up, including other sports or, in this instance, gaming.


Pat and his peers started discussing esports on the show, with Pat himself clearly a little confused by it, when Scump was mentioned — and Pat got his name brilliantly wrong.

Scump playing for OpTic Texas at CDL Major 2
Envy / OpTic
Scump is one of the most famous gamers in the world.

They got onto the topic with Pat mentioning that his friend and former NFL quarterback Matt Hasselback is a FaZe Clan fan, before asking what other teams exist.

Former Call of Duty League franchise Chicago Huntsmen were mentioned (they went on to become OpTic Chicago and now OpTic Texas), and naturally, Scump came up as a result — but Pat thought he was called ‘Scum,’ and couldn’t believe it.

Scump corrected McAfee on Twitter, who had said that he “couldn’t help but respect” somebody being the best in the game “and calling themselves ‘Scum.’”


As the biggest name in the Call of Duty world, Scump’s fans quickly caught on and demanded McAfee give Scump an interview or a cameo on the show.

Saying that the CoD star is a “legend of the esports scene,” there were numerous tweets following the above exchange, with many of Scump’s 2.2m Twitter followers trying to get him on the show.

Pat even apologized for not knowing about Scump before, saying that he “will be better next time” — hinting that something happening between the two could actually be on the cards.

With traditional sports and esports continuing to merge ever closer, it’s definitely not impossible that we see Scump appear on the show — and there aren’t many better placed to show just how big esports is.