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Ultimate Warzone event calendar: Every May tournament & start dates

Published: 26/May/2022 2:55 Updated: 26/May/2022 2:56

by Brad Norton


With Warzone events only becoming more popular, there’s almost always something big on the horizon. Here’s a comprehensive tournament calendar to keep on top of all the biggest competitions moving forward. 

Tens of thousands in prizing is up for grabs almost every week as the frequency of Warzone events continues to spike. From major Activision-backed tournaments to smaller community competitions, there’s always plenty to keep track of. 

Regardless of who your favorite streamers are, it can often be a challenge in its own right just keeping on top of what they’re playing in. So to make things easier, we’ve put together a Warzone calendar to track every big tournament.


As new events are announced, we’ll keep you updated here so you never miss any of the biggest moments.

Warzone event calendar – May 2022

May 2022 (All times PT)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2

NYSL $50K WarzoneMania event (Day 1)


NYSL $50K WarzoneMania event (Day 2)

4 5 6 7
8 9 10

JoeWo’s $50K Battle For The Crown 2 (Week 1)

11 12

$35K Battle of the Titans

13 14
15 16 17

JoeWo’s $50K Battle For The Crown 2 (Week 2)

18 19 20 21
22 23 24

JoeWo’s $50K Battle For The Crown 2 (Week 3)

25 26 27 28
29 30 31

May 2-3: NYSL $50K WarzoneMania tournament

WarozneMWarzoneMania event graphicania
Activision / New York Subliners
WarzoneMania returned for the third consecutive year.

Following on from two blockbuster events over as many years, WarzoneMania was back in a big way for its 2022 iteration. Subliners put up a $50,000 prize pool split across two days of action.

With each day boasting a unique format, it was definitely an explosive event. Be sure to catch up on the results with our dedicated hub now that this one is in the books.

May 10-24: JoeWo’s $50K Battle for the Crown 2

Warzone Battle for the crown event graphic
Activision / JoeWo
JoeWo’s Battle for the Crown event returned for a second year.

After eight months on the shelf, JoeWo’s very own Warzone tournament series came back with a bang. Battle for the Crown 2 was set for the month of May as teams locked locked in to fight across three unique competitions.


$50,000 was up for grabs this time around, an increase from the last iteration. It’s tied as the biggest event thus far in May so be sure to catch up on the high-stakes action right here.

May 12: $35K Battle of the Titans

As Warzone’s Operation Monarch event came into focus, eFuse hosted a $35,000 tournament to celebrate the epic crossover. Battle of the Titans split the field into two teams, representing both Kong and Godzilla.

No different from usual, all of Warzone’s top stars got involved in this colossal event. Be sure to check up on the final results through our dedicated event hub.

With new Warzone events announced almost every week, we’ll keep you updated right here with all the latest.